Sunday, October 23, 2016

RACE - October 27th Teatro dei Fabbri

RACE - The first film in the American Film Series 2016/17, now in the 36th Edition.  Films in Original Version with English Subtitles.

Showtimes:  1:30 pm. 4 pm. 6:30 pm, 9 pm
Teatro dei Fabbri - Via dei Fabbri 2/A - Trieste

Associazione Italo Americana FVG Members Only.

RACE - The story of Jesse Owens during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.  2 hrs. 15 min.

Not a member yet?  
Come to the Office this week during our Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 4-7 pm
Tuesday and Thursday Morning 9-12
On Thursday before the film, you can become a member directly at Teatro dei Fabbri.

Ridotto: €25 - Students +16 yrs, Teachers, +65 yrs
Intero: €35 - Regular Adult Membership
You can become a member at any time of year.  The 2016/17 membership is valid until August 31, 2017.

Here is the link to Membership Info and the Membership Form.

  • Come to the office for easy renewal or new membership.  If you were a member in 2015/16 we have your data online. 
  • At the Theater, you will need to fill in the form.  If you can't make it to the office, save time at the theater and fill out the Membership Form at home.  

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