Monday, April 6, 2015

What's Up April 7-10?

Here's the Plan for this Week at Associazione Italo Americana FVG / American Corner Trieste.
All Activities Free and Open to the Public. It's Earth Month!

Monday - Closed for Easter Break

Tuesday: SPRING SESSION English Classes Begin! Registration is still open.  For class information go to this link
11 am - Italian Survival Conversation or Mom & Baby (0-3 yrs)

Thursday; 10 am - Documentary -  An Inconvenient Truth (2006, 50 min.)  Former Vice President Al Gore’s presentation of the danger of global warming.
10:30 am - Mom & Baby Playgroup in English
11 am - Italian Survival Conversation (without babies!)

Friday: 5 pm - American Corner Teen Club - working on Murder Mystery Dinner

5:30 pm CONFERENCE:  JAPANESE ANIMATED MOVIES through AMERICAN EYES – Open to the Public – Guest Speaker:  Dr. Ogihara-Schuck, Visiting Scholar from Dortmund through Erasmus.  Her published work includes:  Miyazaki's Animism Abroad: The Reception of Japanese Religious Themes by American and German Audiences.

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