Friday, January 10, 2014

The Mary Tyler Moore Show - Monday at 8:15 pm

Made for Each Other: One week a TV Series and the next week a Film on the same theme.
New Location: Associazione Italo Americana FVG/American Corner Trieste, P. S. Antonio, 6 - Trieste

When: Monday nights with a single showing at 8:15 pm.
OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – No Membership Required. 

Comparative American TV and Cinema in original version. A Film one week and a TV Series the next. A lesson in Pop Culture and English Commentary by Prof. Leonardo Buonomo.

THEME of the SECOND COUPLE: TV Journalism

Jan. 13th , 8:15 pm - Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-1977) TV Series. With Mary Tyler Moore, Ed Asner

 Mary at MJM TV Minneapolis is in the newsroom with Lou, Murray, Ted and Georgette. Phyllis and Rhoda are always available to give her extra advice at home. An Emmy award winning Classic.

January 20th 8:15 pm - Broadcast News (1987). With William Hurt and Holly Hunter

TV Broadcast news with 2 competitive male journalists and a female producer. May the best man win!

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