Monday, January 30, 2017

The Week Ahead: Jan 30- Feb. 3, 2017

Short Story Club,  Maker Space, Teacher Learning Network, Moms & Babies, Teen Club.  

American Corner Trieste Activities are always Free and Open to the Public.

Tues. Jan. 31st 
10 am - Mom & Baby Survival Italian - Just arrived in Trieste, don't speak much Italian, You are Italian, are home with your baby and want to meet other Moms?  Come on down and bring the baby.

10 am - Short Story Club - We'll discuss George Washington's Inaugural Address as first president of the USA and look at other important Inaugural speeches. He was elected president in 1789 and re-elected in 1792.     

Thurs. Feb. 2nd
10 am - Mom & Baby Playdate in English

10 am - Maker Space - make it, sew it, fix it with friends.  We're learning how to Knit Hats and Sew Carnival Costumes.  Bring a project. Ask for advice.  Learn how to sew or knit.  Teach someone how to knit or sew.  We have 3 Singer Sewing Machines, Knitting Needles and Craft Materials.

10 am - Survival Italian for Adults - not a formal Class, but a a way for you to learn what you need to get by. 

Fri. Feb. 3rd
5 - 7 pm - AC TC - American Corner Teen ClubHangout in English for Teens 

6-7 pm - Teacher Learning Network - Topic: Technology in the Classroom.  Free and Open to All Language Teachers.  Group meeting language is English.  

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