Friday, July 8, 2016


Our STEAM students were busy this week:         
-making homemade peanut butter, watermelon juice, and popcorn
-designing and engineering packaging for snacks
-finding deals on chewing gum, shampoo, and toothpaste at the supermarket

They finished the week with some advice on how to reduce food and packaging waste and save money at the cash register. 

Top 10 Savvy Consumer Tips as written by our students:

  1. When comparing prices of products, note the price per unit.
  2. Looks for sales.
  3. When buying food, look at the expiration date.
  4. Find a good balance between product price and quality.
  5. Be careful about the position of the products on the shelves. Cheaper products may be found on high or low shelves.
  6. Refill your milk, juice, and water bottles at a distributor, if possible.
  7. Just buy the things you need.
  8. Reuse leftover food  for another meal
  9. Eat out once in a while and plan your meals.
  10. Make a homemade version of store bought food.
Thanks to Janine, Jason and Karoline for a great week!  Congratulations girls on STEAMING ahead with your English.  
Next week: July 11th and July 18th.  

More STEAM for all grade levels August 22nd and August 29th 

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