Monday, June 27, 2016


Middle and High School STEAM got off to an EXCELLENT start!
We were at the airport today, using our English in a practical situation by brainstorming airport vocabulary and performing airport roleplays and inventing our own! Then we watched this very funny video  produced by Virgin Airlines. It was a crowd pleaser!

We split up at that point and did our favorite fluency exercise, reading out loud! When we were finished with that, it was time to go in the kitchen!

It was the FRUIT SALAD CHALLENGE. Group Orange and Group White went head to head to make the BEST FRUIT SALAD EVER! Thanks to Joe and Denise, our fantastic judges.

It was a great day! Here were our favorite moments.

Janine= Making fruit salad
Alessia = Airport role play
Samuele= Making and eating fruit salad
Daniele= Making fruit salad
Michele= Fruit salad because it was fun
Lara= Watching the Virgin Airlines inflight video
Anastasia= Airport role play because it was interesting
Isabella= Inflight video because it was fun
Giovanni= Airport role play
Denis= Fruit salad because I love making it
Aldo= I liked the reading excercise as a fluency excercise for learning Spanish

See you tomorrow for day two!

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