Sunday, February 1, 2015

Underground Railroad - Documentary - Thursday, 10 am

Thursday we have our first program for the month of February in celebration of Black History Month.
All Events at American Corner Trieste are Free of Charge and Open to the Public.

Underground Railroad (Documentario PBS 2012, 60 min) 
The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses used by 19th-century slaves of African descent in the United States to escape to free states and Canada with the aid of abolitionists and allies who were sympathetic to their cause. The term is also applied to the abolitionists, both black and white, free and enslaved, who aided the fugitives.  The Underground Railroad was formed in the early 19th century, and reached its height between 1850 and 1860.  One estimate suggests that by 1850, 100,000 slaves had escaped via the "Railroad".
Underground Railroad: The William Still Story is the story of a humble Philadelphia clerk who risked his life shepherding runaway slaves to freedom in the tumultuous years leading up to America's Civil War. William Still was the director of a complex network of abolitionists, sympathizers and safe houses that stretched from Philadelphia to what is now Southern Ontario.

Upcoming events on the Black History Theme: 

Documentaries in the series (Every Thursday at 10 am)

Feb. 12 10 am - Tuskegee Airmen
Feb. 19 - 10 am - When I Rise

Feb. 26 - 10 am - The March 

Feb. 19 - Guest Speaker - The Civil Rights Movement Donigan Merritt reads from his novel "Blossom" dealing with racism and the civil rights movement in southern Arkansas.

Short Story Club
Feb. 24 - 10 am - Am I Blue by Alice Walker

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