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March 2015 Newletter

              AIA-FVG / American Corner Trieste MARCH 2015
MARCH … Women’s History Month!  Documentaries, University of Trieste Speaker Series, Short Stories.  Just need a place to hang out and study?  Come on down.  Check our blog and Like our Facebook Page to keep track of all the appointments!  Spring Registration, Summer STEAM Registration, Weekend Warrior Intensive Courses.  Are you curious yet?  Read on!

The Schedules are in for our Spring Courses - 10 weeks of lessons starting on April 7th for KIDS and for ADULTS.  Contact us if you’re interested.

NEW !!  WEEKEND WARRIOR  SUPER INTENSIVE ENGLISH for ADULTS March 28-29.  – 10 hours of English over the weekend.  Too busy during the week?  This is for you.  Get your English and get it fast!   Contact us:

SUMMER STEAM WEEKS for Kids and Teens at AIA FVG
STEAM Weeks:  exciting, hands-on learning opportunity for young people, applying integrated skills and Project Based Learning with emphasis on the STEAM curriculum areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) in English.  You will learn by doing, and having fun…in English.  The groups are divided by class level:  Pre-School, Elementary, Middle and High School, with thematic weeks. For both Native and Non -Native Speakers. Here is the link for details.  Space is limited. 

You can still purchase your Memberships for 2014/15.  The prices remain unchanged:  €35 for the Regular Adult Membership and €25 for Students age 16 and over, Teachers and over age 65.  To attend courses, the student (or their parent must) be a member.  Membership is valid for checking out books, magazines, DVD’s and for the 2014/15 American Cinema Program in the Original Version at Cinema dei Fabbri from October until May.  Membership is valid one school year and must be renewed annually.  You can register at any time.  We are no longer selling Memberships at the Cinema.  Come to the office to register.

MEMBERSHIP CARDS -  If you haven’t done so yet, please pick up your final membership cards in the office during our office hours:  Monday to Friday 4-7 pm and Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9 am until noon.

Mar 23 – 5 pm - Inna Rotenberg, Vice Consul of the Consular Section of the U.S. Consulate Milan will discuss the US Visa Procedure and the different types of Visas.  No applications can be accepted and Visa Interviews will not be conducted.

In collaboration with the Course “Donne, Politica, Istituzioni” of the Università degli Studi di Trieste
Tues. Mar 17 - 5:30 pm: First ladies, documentary (2014, part of Il tempo e la storia documentary series, RAI Storia, special guest Raffaella Baritono, 50 min., Italian language). Professor Elisabetta Vezzosi, University of Trieste will lead the discussion.  The changing roles of the women beside the U.S. Presidents. 
Tues. Mar 24 - 5:30: I have a dream. Il movimento di liberazione degli afroamericani, documentary (2014, part of Il tempo e la storia documentary series, RAI Storia, special guest Elisabetta Vezzosi, 50 min., Italian language).  Professors Vezzosi and Leonardo Buonomo of the University of Trieste will lead a panel discussion.  The decisive roles that afroamerican women played in the Civil Rights Movement.  
Mon. Mar 30 - 5:30  Finding Vivian Maier, (2013, USA, dir. John Maloof and Charlie Siskel, documentary, 84 min. English language) Elisabetta Bini, University of Trieste, will be with us to discuss the film. True story of a nanny in New York, posthumously recognized as a talented street photographer. 

AMERICAN FILM SERIESCinema Dei Fabbri, Shows at 2, 4, 6:30 and 9 pm – MEMBERS ONLY
Mar 5 – ENOUGH SAID (comedy, 93 min.) Starring:  James Gandolfini, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
Mar 26 – DECODING ANNIE PARKER (drama, 91 min.)  Starring Samantha Morton, Helen Hunt.

The last episode of this season:  Batman Returns starring Michael Keaton of Birdman, Academy Award Winner.  Thanks to Leonardo Buonomo for another great year of “couples”. 

Mar 2   Batman Returns. Tim Burton. Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Danny DeVito (1992). 

Mar 17- 10amSHARING AND RELAXING IN ENGLISH – How are things going? Let’s reflect and talk.   Gestalt Method.
Mar 24- 10am - TUESDAY COFFEE BREAK– Have a cup of coffee and some great conversation.
Mar 31 - 10am – SHORT STORY CLUB - The story for the month is IF MEN COULD MENSTRUATE by Gloria Steinem, originally published in Ms. Magazine in 1978.

Women’s History Month
Mar 5The Triangle Fire (PBS 2012, 60 min) The tragic New York Fire in which 146 people lost their lives, leading to workplace safety reform and International Women’s Day. 
Mar 12Amelia Earhart (50 min). The life and legend of this courageous and groundbreaking aviator.
Mar 19 – Iron Jawed Angels part 1. Defiant activists took the women’s suffrage movement to a new level, risking their lives to help American women win the right to vote.
Mar 26 – Iron Jawed Angels, part 2.  Starring Hilary Swank, Anjelica Huston, Julia Ormond.

WINE, CHEESE and BOOKS – Mar 19  at 8 pm
The Book of the Month is MIDDLE AGE by Joyce Carole Oates.  Monthly meetings are held in different venues each month.  Want to participate?  For details, send an e-mail to

ITALIAN SURVIVAL CONVERSATION GROUP for ITALIAN LANGUAGE LEARNERS – Open to the Public - We have 2 groups meeting each week: 
Every TUESDAY 11-12 – Italian Survival Conversation for MOMS with BABIES (0-3yrs)
Every THURSDAY 11-12 – Italian Survival Conversation for ADULTS (WITHOUT Babies) 
Make sure that you get the right day!  Start to speak. No stress. No charge.  Don’t worry about making mistakes!  Practical everyday Italian. 

MOM and BABY (0-3 years) PLAYGROUP in ENGLISH – Open to the Public
Every THURSDAY from 10:30-12. Bring your baby.  Hang out with other moms. Speak English.  Get out of the house!

AC TC – American Corner Teen Club meets every Friday afternoon from 5- 7 pm.  Free and Open to all Middle and High School Students.  On the Highway to Teen Club.  We’re working on a Murder Mystery Dinner.  Come and be a part of it!

 FRIDAY FAMILY FILM NIGHT – Open to the Public
Mar 27 - 5 pm – BRAVE (animation, 90 min.) Princess Merida must rely on her bravery and her archery skills to undo a beastly curse.

Mar 7 and 21 - 6 pm.  We have started a Scrabble Club in English that meets every other Saturday evening.  They change venues.  If you would like to participate contact us at

AMERICAN CORNER TRIESTE – Programs, consultation of the library, public internet access computers, and Wi-Fi are always free and open to the public.  It’s a great place to study, meet friends, bring your kids.  The US Department of State has granted us a Gold Standard rating in terms of programs, facilities, services! In addition to our regular library, we also feature and Education Advising Section, Children’s Corner Library and Women’s Space. 

Remember that we are a volunteer organization.  We are looking for people to work in the afternoons at the Front Desk, manage library checkouts, mentors for teens and a variety of other roles.  Contact us!  We’ll keep you busy!

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