Sunday, January 25, 2015

To Build a Fire - Jack London - Jan. 25th and 27th - 10 am.

Short Story Club and Thursday American Experience at American Corner Trieste

This month the theme is:  Man vs. Nature. 
Jack London's 1908 Short Story:  "To Build a Fire Takes" us to the Yukon, Alaska. 
A man and his dog on their own in the snow. . . in a blizzard. . . -50°C . . .  Will he make it to camp?  Will his fire save him? 

Jan. 27th  - 10am  - Discussion of the Short Story "To Build a Fire" .  Here is the link to the story

Jan 29th - 10 am - Projection of the Short Film "To Build a Fire" - (1969, 55 min) with the narration of Orson Welles. 

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