Sunday, September 7, 2014

What's Up this Week? Sept 8-12

Another Busy Week!  Open Days, Intensive Week, Share & Relax in English
OPEN DAYS - Meet our teachers, learn about our programs.
Monday, 8/9, 5-6 pm - Open House for Adult Classes (English and Italian at all levels) as well as Individual Lessons
INTENSIVE WEEK for adults (English or Italian) begins on Monday 8/9. You can still register for Intensive Week!
Tuesday, 9/9, 10-11:30 - Share and Relax in English
Tuesday, 9/9, 5-6pm - Open House for Materna, Elementary, Middle and High School Classes
Wednesday, 10/9, 5-6 pm - Open House for Teachers and Programs to be taught in Schools.
Need more info? Call 349 3730682 or send an email

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