Sunday, September 14, 2014

What's Up? Sept. 15-20th, 2014

What's Up at Associazione Italo Americana FVG / American Corner Trieste this week?

- All week longRegistration for Fall 2014 courses that start on Saturday Sept. 20th (for Saturday classes or the week of Sept. 22nd for the other courses.

- Check out a Banned Book for Banned Book Month - Other books are fine too!  Pick up a Banned Book - Book Mark!

- Thursday, Sept. 18th 10 am-   Friday American Experience Documentary:  Hemingway - Rivers to the Sea - PBS  90 minutes.  Free Entry.  A look at Hemingway's life and Work.  Open to the publi

- Thursday, Sept. 18th, 8 pm - Wine Cheese and Books, Discussion of The Killing Anniversary by Ian St. James.  Contact for details. 

- Saturday Sept. 20th:  Saturday Courses begin for Materna, Elementary and Parent English. 

Get ready for our Short Story Day on September 23rd at 10 am, dedicated to Hemingway's short Stories:   “Cat in the Rain” and “A Clean Well Lighted Place”.  Click to on the titles to download the stories.  Open to the Public.

SAVE the DATE:  Sept. 26th from 9 am until we finishREAD-A-THON of "A FAREWELL TO ARMS", Hemingway's classic World War I novel set in Friuli Venezia Giulia.  We are reading the ENTIRE Book and looking for Readers.  Come in for a read, for the entire day, a couple of hours.  Each reader will participate in our drawing for a Kindle Paperwhite!  Send us an e-mail for more info   Open to the public

Bring in your classes, your friends, fellow students, your colleagues.  It is European Day of Languages.  You can read in English or Italian or in whatever language you have the book in!  We have English and Italian, you have to bring the book in other languages.  We are reading in chronological order.

Why "A Farewell to Arms"? 
  • Hemingway is a classic American author,
  • It is the 100th anniversary of WWI,
  • The book was based in FVG,
  • It is European Language Day,
  • A Farewell to Arms was a banned book in many libraries and it is Banned Book Month! 

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