Thursday, June 19, 2014

What's Up? June 22nd - 27th

What's Up this Week at Associazione Italo Americana FVG / American Corner Trieste?

Monday:  Intensive Classes for Middle School and High School begin.  Ci sono ancora posti.  Vieni direttamente lunedì alle ore 9 e iscriviti (Intensivo Elmentare inizia il 14/7)  Ulteriori informazioni?  Chiama Karoline a 349 8 66666 7 oppure e-mail
There is still space.  Come on down directly on Monday morning at 9 am and we'll get you enrolled.  (Elementary Intensive begins on July 14th).  Want more info?  Here is the link.  Want to talk?  Call Karoline at 349 8 66666 7, e-mail
Individual lessons for Adults sono disponibile tutto l'anno (Inglese oppure Italiano).  Il prossimo corso Intensivo per Adulti inizia in settembre.
Individual lessons are available all summer long (English or Italian).  The next Adult Intensive week is scheduled for September.

Sunday:    Treasure Hunt - 9:30 am with Libereria UBIK in Piazza della Borsa

Tuesday:  Mamma Mia ! - 10 am - Free Movie.  Open to the Public.  A wedding in Greece, music by ABBA.  What fun.  Perfect for a summer morning!

Wednesday:  Storytime Light - 6 pm, a Story in English and an Activity - Open to the Public. No reservation required.  The Summer Reading Competition continues!

Thursday:  Easter Parade - 10 am - Free Movie . Open to the Public.  Judy Garland and Fred Astaire sing and dance to this Irving Berlin score.  Defined the "Happiest" musical.  Certainly a classic, must see!

                 Relaxation and Anti Stress in English - 10 am - Open to the Public - Take a break, relax with the Gestalt Method and Melissa, our Gestalt coach.

Friday:  Lidia Bastianich Celebrates America - Independence Day -  6 pm - Friday American Experience Documentary - Open to the Public.  Lidia Bastianich, American TV Food Icon, originally from Pola.  Lidia will take us on a journey across the US to see how families of different origin celebrate Independence Day.

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