Friday, May 9, 2014

Dinosaurs, Caves and Osmiza - Oh, Yeah!

Looking for something to do in Trieste on Sunday?  Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get out on the Carso.  Today an outdoor itinerary that's great for kids.  No museums, plenty of exercise and fresh air, lots of fun!

MORNING      Unfortunately, this dinosaur site can only be visited on SUNDAYS from 10am-1pm and 2-6 pm.  If you have a Group you can organize a Group visit outside of their regular Sunday hours.   Call 3477393118; 3471006724 or write to

Visit the Dinosaurs at Villaggio del Pescatore - Antonio is our own local guy and Laura is a gigantic dinosaur visiting from Montana.  You see Antonio right where they found him.  Pretty neat.  On Sundays there is also a small cave that you can visit right next door.

After seeing Antonio, and maybe the cave next door, take a walk around the waterfront of Villaggio del Pescatore (Fishman's Village) and see the fishing and pleasure boats. 


A Cave - the Grotta Gigante and lunch in an Osmiza (not necessarily in that order!)
Grotta Gigante is a Giant Cave located in Borgo Grotta Gigante.  Bring your walking shoes and a sweater or jacket.  It's always about 50° F or 15° C in there.  You might even see the bear!

Osmiza - This is a great place to have a light lunch - Basically a local farmer opens his house for 8 days and serves whatever he raises or grows:  Wine, Ham, Eggs, Cheese, Salame.  Not formal and not a complete meal, but lots of fun.  Sit outside and relax and let the kids run around.  We can't tell you where to go because the open Osmizze are different every week. If you see some grape vines and a red Arrow, follow it!   Check out for listings. 

Top off the day with an ice cream!  Any place is going to be fantastic!


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