Monday, April 7, 2014

Made for Each Other: Bea Arthur Theme - April 11th and 14th

Made for Each Other is back with a Friday and a Monday with the Bea Arthur theme:

Always at 8:15 pm and Always open to the Public at American Corner Trieste

April 11th, 8:15 pm- Maude - TV Series  (1972-1978)

This "All In The Family" spin-off centers around Edith's cousin, Maude Findlay (played by Bea Arthur). She's a liberal independent woman living in Tuckahoe, NY with her fourth husband Walter; owner of Findlay's Friendly Appliances, Carol Trainor; Maude's divorced daughter from her 2nd marriage and Philip; Carol's son.

April 14th, 8:15 pm - Lovers and Other Strangers - Film 1970

Mike Vecchio and Susan Henderson are preparing for their upcoming wedding. However, they seem to be the only two people at the wedding that are happy. Mike's brother Richie and his wife Joan are going through a divorce, which is upsetting his overly devout Catholic mother Beatrice. Also, Susan's father is carrying on an affair and her sex starved older sister Wilma is going through her troubles with her husband Johnny. All this is going on while Mike's best friend Jerry is trying to bed the maid of honor, Susan's cousin Brenda.

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