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April 2014 Newsletter

AIA-FVG / American Corner Trieste



We’re going lighter for April.  Storytime is finished for the season – Thanks to all our volunteer readers and assistants!  Join us for the Bavisela on May 4th.  Bavisela with us!  (sign up by April 15th!)  We’re tweeting too at AIA FVG@AIAFVG!



April 18th , 21st, and 25th our office is closed.  No courses, no checkouts, no administration. 

Scuola Materna and Elementary classes WILL NOT be held on April 22,23,24

Other classes: Middle School, High School, Adult – talk to your teacher regarding April 22,23,24. 


SPRING COURSES – Start the week of March 31st.  Our courses continue all year long.  

You can join our classes at any time, if we have space.  Participation in the previous session is not required.  Remember, when you pay with an IBAN, you have a 5% discount.  In the causale, specify the name of the student, name of class, day and time of the class.  Bring a copy of the IBAN in order to get your receipt.  Click here for the Details for the Spring Classes for Children and Teens and Classes for Adults.


We will still have openings for our Italian Class – Mondays from 6-8 pm.  Basic survival Italian.  Feel free to join in! Ti aspettiamo! A presto! (We’re waiting for you! See you soon!)



If you have paid with an IBAN, please remember to pick up your receipts.  Come to our office on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoons during Paola’s shift from 4-7pm to pick up your receipts.  Questions? Contact


LIBRARY AMNESTY MONTH - It’s Springtime and we forgive you!

We know that some of you have books and DVD’s that are long overdue.  Return them to us any way that you can… NO QUESTIONS ASKED and NO FINES.  If you lost he original DVD box, no problem. 


BAVISELA with AIA FVG / American Corner Trieste – May 4th

The Bavisela, Italy’s most popular non-competitive walk/run from Miramare Castle to Piazza Unità, is on Sunday May 4th.  If you want to do the Bavisela with AIA FVG, we need your registration and payment of €10 per person by April 15th.  Everybody can participate in this non-competitive walk.  For €10, (instead of the standard €15 price), you will receive the Bavisela T-Shirt, number, bus ticket, gift bag plus an AIA FVG / AC TS hat!  Children over age 3 also pay €10.  We’ll save you the line at the Bavisela Village.  You can pick up your packages a few days before the Bavisela in our office.  Come on, let’s Bavisela together!



Dedicated to the THE SIXTIES – East and West Coast – Everything is Groovy!

April 4th - Legends of Folk- The 1960’s Greenwich Village Music Scene - Enjoy original performances of Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Diamond, The Mamas & The Papas and much more.  Original film clips and interviews. 

April 11th – Summer of Love- Haight – Ashbury Street, San Francisco – Home of the Hippies and birthplace of the “counter-culture”.



April 10th - Come and enjoy a cup of coffee and some great conversation in English!   


MADE FOR EACH OTHER–in our Multimedia Room, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 8:15 pm

Bea Arthur Theme this month.  We will have shows on Friday and Monday for this couple always at 8:15 pm

April 11th - - Maude (TV Series 1972-78)  Edith Bunker’s “liberal” cousin in this All in the Family spinoff

April 14th - Lovers and Other Strangers (film 1970) Planning for a wedding, but there is lots else going on!





TUESDAY BOOK CLUB in our library 10 – 11 – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

This month we will meet on April 15th and 29th.  The author of the month is Laila Wadia, a writer, professor, interpreter, living in Trieste for 30 years.  Laila’s works are multicultural fiction.  Contact us at to get a copies of the short stories that we’ll read.  Copies are also available in the office.  On April 29th, Laila will be with us to take your questions.



Our 33rd Annual English Language American Film Series will be shown at the Cinema dei Fabbri, Via dei Fabbri 2/A in Trieste.  Showings will be on Thursdays at 2, 4, 6:30 and 9 pm.    Here is the complete list of films for the 2013/14 season.  You can pick up your definitive Membership Cards in our Office.  Memberships are no longer sold at the Cinema. 


April 17thThe Butler (2013, 130 min.) Directed by Lee Daniels with John Cusak, Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey.  As times change, Cecil Gaines serves eight presidents during his tenure as a butler at the White House



The launch of our book drive was a great success! 100 people including the Kyle Scott US Consul General Milan.  Check out the photos!  Until May 31st, you can still become a Women's Library Founder by donating a book that you believe should be a part of this special collection. The book can be new or gently used.  Give us your ideas for important books, DVDs and Women's Corner events.  Help us create a (literal and figurative) space for learning, sharing, mentoring, talking, writing, reading, and creating.  Monetary donations also welcome.  Thanks to Erynn for all her help in cataloging our donations!  Come look at this new section of our library!  Check out a book!


TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) Back in May.  Too many Friday vacation days this month!



A great group of newcomers from age 6 months to 80!  Helping newcomers live happily in Trieste!   Meet some new people, speak English.  Join us in the Bavisela (see above). Send an e-mail to the Google Hangout:  and join the Welcome Home Stranger Facebook.   Join us.  Bring a Friend.  Make a Friend.  Be a Friend. 

April 10th, 10-11:30 am – Anti-stress and relaxation session in English.


ENGLISH CHAT EVENINGS and COFFEE MORNINGS in Staranzano – Open to the Public

Some English conversation for our Monfalcone followers.  

Friday, April 4th and 18th  at 6 pm.  – TGIF Happy Hour

Friday, April 11th and 25th  at 10:15 am -  Coffee Morning and Book Exchange 

At Compagnia delle Creme – Via Firenze 17, Staranzano (GO). 



Membership is valid until October 2014! In addition to our American Cinema Series, we have a fantastic library with over 5000 books, up-to-date magazines and 1300 DVD’s, as well as the Children’s Corner Library and DVD collection.  Everything is available for check-out.  If you or your children take a course with us, you must become a member.   Your membership is also valid for Members-Only activities.   €25 for students, teachers and over age 65 and €35 for regular membership.  There is a form to be filled out.  Click here to download the membership form or pick it up directly in the office.  More questions? Check out our FAQ.



Remember that we are a volunteer organization.  We are looking for people to work in the afternoons at the Front Desk, manage library checkouts and for a variety of roles.  Contact us!  We’ll keep you busy!


See you in 2014 at the Association!       


FOLLOW US on:                   

Piazza S. Antonio 6, 34122 Trieste – 040 63 03 01

Hours: Monday-Friday 4-7 pm, Tuesday and Thursday 9-12

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