Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 12th - Coffee, Tea or Pot Luck Dinner?

For our Morning Crowd:
It's the second Thursday, so it must be THURSDAY COFFEE BREAK time!
Join us from 10 am-12 pm, December 12th at American Corner Trieste, Piazza S. Antonio 6, 2nd Floor.

A good cup of coffee or tea and some great conversation in English!  A bit of Holiday Cheer!
Open to the Public

For the Night Owls (or if you want you can participate in both the Morning and evening activities)

WELCOME HOME STRANGER: A Newcomers Guide to Living Happily in Trieste
It's A Pot Luck! - Starting at 6 pm on December 12th.  OPEN to the PUBLIC

Bring a dish or a bottle of wine to share.  We have a kitchen.  If you want to cook at our place, show up early (and please clean up!). 
Contact for more details. 
The designated language of the group is English
Bring a Friend.  Be a Friend.  Make a Friend. 

Participate in our "Adopt a Stranger" program.  Be a friend to a newcomer over the holidays.  Some of you know what it's like alone in a new city over the holidays.  Don't worry . . . No, they won't move into your house and take over your TV remote control!

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