Friday, October 29, 2010

The Halloween Party Was LOTS of FUN!

 There was something for everyone this year at the American Corner Halloween Party. Luna was hoping for a nutella sandwich, but she didn't get one. She DID get lots of hugs, though, and she was pretty excited to get to wear these devil horns. Thank you, Anastasia!
 There were costumes and balloons and philosophical conversations in English!
There was face painting! Thank you, Massimo!

There was coloring, and cutting, and lollipop decorating and eating)!
 There were games!
and DRY ICE! Thank you, Martin!

and lots of pictures HERE. Thank you, Cristian!  Thanks to everyone who came to the party and to our wonderful volunteers! Dario, Prosper, Denise, Davide, Leonardo, Karry, Lori, and our scarey witch: Janine!

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