Monday, June 28, 2010

Good News Coming Soon

We should know by Friday if we will stay at Via Roma, 15. If you've been following our heart-wrenching announcements and of course reading the Piccolo, you probably know that we've had a difficult Spring and Summer at the Association. We're doing our best to get back in shape financially by reducing costs and maximizing everything else. It has not been easy but we really appreciate your continued support.

To update you, thanks to the article in the Piccolo a couple of weeks ago, our landlord has reconsidered and is helping us keep our library right where it is. We are greatful for this chance, and are taking this week to really examine our economic situation and the status of our co-renters to make sure that staying is a sustainable decision.

This year it will be very important to show your support in any way you can, and the easiest way is by renewing your membership to the Association. Besides allowing you to see films at the Ariston and attend any of our other Very Exciting Events, it is also a wonderful way to help keep the Italian-American-Triestino link alive.

TESSERA FOR 2010-11 are already on sale! Stop in!

Thanks again for your continued support.

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