Saturday, July 29, 2017

Vacation, Summer STEAM, Fall Classes

Looking for a SUMMER English Class?  
For Summer Classes, we must RECEIVE your PAYMENTS and ISSUE your RECEIPTS by NO LATER than August 29th, before we begin our new Fiscal Year 2017/18 on September 1st.  You can register at the below STEAM link and come directly on August 21st.
Looking for a FALL English Class or a FALL Trial Lesson in September?  
Here are the links of information and for registration:  

CLOSED FOR VACATION from Friday, July 28th until Sunday, August 20th.  You can find updates on our BLOG or contact us at  Enjoy the break! 
Back for STEAM Weeks on August 21st and August 28th.  You can register online on the links above.  See you directly on August 21st.  

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