Thursday, May 26, 2016

US Voter Registration

Americans can vote. Wherever they are.  

Americans citizens abroad are encouraged to register to vote as absentee voters.  In order to be sure to receive your ballot, you should re-register every January.

Even if you have never lived in the US or Voted in the US, you have the right to vote.  

Register in the state where you last voted or lived.  If you never lived in the US, but your parents did, register in the state where your parents lived and use the residence address where your parents last voted or lived.

Election Day is on November 8, 2016.  REGISTER NOW so that you are sure to receive your ballot in time.  When you receive your ballot in October, complete it and send it back ASAP so that your vote is received in time.

For the registration form go to: 

American Corner Trieste will collect completed voter registration forms.  
Be sure to date and sign your form.  
On July 5th, the forms will be sent to the US Consulate General in Milan.
The Consulate will send them to the US Postage free via Diplomatic Courrier.
Of course you are free to send them on your own, but please put postage on your envelope.

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