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February 2016 Newsletter

AIA-FVG / American Corner Trieste  - FEBRUARY 2016 NEWSLETTER

FEBRUARY -   Made For Each Other is back for its 7th Season!  Join us for our other regular appointments: Moms & Babies, Makers, Readers, Teachers.  Special Events: GLOW – Girls Leading our World – a must for teenage girls!  Celebrate Black History Month with the film THE MARCH and our Short Story. Add us to your address book so you will be sure to receive our Newsletters!

Our Hours are:  Mornings:  Tuesday and Thursday 9–12,   Afternoons:  Monday to Friday 4-7. 
During Office Hours, you can renew your Membership or Course with Cash, Pick up your receipts for IBAN Payments, Check Out Books, DVD’s Magazines. 

CLOSED for CARNIVAL from Friday, February 5 until Wednesday, February 10thNO Classes or Activities during those dates. 

You can become a member at any time of year!  Here is the Membership Form.  You can pay cash or pay via IBAN.  Remember to fill in and scan your Membership Form along with the copy of your IBAN Payment.  Prices remain unchanged:  €35 for the Regular Adult Membership and €25 for Reduced Membership - Students age 16 and over, Teachers and over age 65.  To attend courses, the student (or a parent) must be a member).  Membership is valid for checking out books, magazines, DVD’s and for 9 films in the 2015/16 American Cinema Series in the Original Version at Cinema dei Fabbri and plus reduced ticket prices on other films at Fabbri.  Membership is valid until August 31, 2016.

You can still register for WINTER Classes.  Looking ahead? SPRING Classes begin on April 2nd.  Here are the Course Offerings for ADULTS and KIDS.   If there is space, after contacting us, you can join start a course at any time of the year.  Remember to pick up your receipts at the Front Desk during Office Hours.  Do you need to change day or class?  No problem, we’ll try to help. 

WEEKEND WARRIOR FULL IMMERSION ENGLISH for ADULTS.   – The monthly dates have been set for the year - 1 weekend each month.  The next session is Feb 20-21, 2-7 pm on Saturday and Sunday.  10 hours of intensive English over the weekend. Objective: English Fluency!  Too busy during the week?  This is for you.  Start communicating in English, fast!
NEW – FRIDAY NIGHT ADVANCED ADULT CONVERSATION – Friday evenings from 8:00pm–9:30pm –  for 15 weeks starting on January 29th.

TOEFL and SAT EXAM PREPARATION – Contact us if you will be taking the exams to go to the university in the US.  We have set up a class to help you.

THE AMERICAN FILM SERIES continues at Cinema dei FabbriYou can become a member even after the series starts.  ONLY Members can attend the American Film Series.  No single tickets can be sold.
Feb. 11th  at 2, 4, 6:30, 9 pm – INSIDE OUTDisney Pixar (2015, 95 min.) After young Riley is uprooted from her Midwest life and moved to San Francisco, her emotions - Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness - conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house, and school.

THE MARCH - Free and Open to the Public at American Corner Trieste
February 1st – 9 am, 11 am, 4 pm.  (Film 2013, 60 min.) - A chronicle of  Martin Luther King’s March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, August 1963.  The largest peaceful demonstration to take place in the US to date.   Schools are welcome to attend, upon reservation to aia.fvg@gmail.com

GLOW Weekend for Teenage Girls –February 13-14Girls Leading Our World. A weekend of girl power for middle school and high school girls. Mentored by young female professionals.  All Activities in English. Get out your sleeping bag! Reservation required. Limited to 20 girls. Application Deadline: Feb. 5

MADE for EACH OTHER –– Free and Open to the Public at American Corner Trieste
Monday Nights at 8 pm – February 15th – March 21.  Same theme – different Media.  One week a TV Series and the next week a Film, in English.  American Pop Culture 101.  Commentary by Leonardo Buonomo. Themes Include: Macabre Fun, Tough Maine Women, Soap Operas. 
MACABRE FUN:                  15/02/2016 - The Munsters    22/02/2016 - Young Frankenstein
TOUGH MAINE WOMEN: 29/02/2016 - Olive Kitteridge            7/03/2016 - Dolores Claiborne
SOAP OPERAS:                    14/03/2016 - Soap                  21/03/2016 - Tootsie

ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS and FAMILIES – Free and Open to the Public

FAMILY FILM NIGHT - FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC at American Corner Trieste
Every month we will have a cartoon family film in English.  Bring the kids, the grandchildren.  Take a break! Bring some friends. Cartoon Feature Films in English for all ages. Here is the list for 2015/16.  This month: 
February 12th, 5:30 pm – The PRINCESS and the FROG  (2009, 97 min.)  A waitress, desperate to fulfill her dreams as a restaurant owner, is set on a journey to turn a frog prince back into a human being, but she has to face the same problem after she kisses him.

AMERICAN CORNER TEEN CLUB - AC TC - Every Friday from 5-7 pm
Make, Create, Hang out in English.  Free and Open to all Middle and High School Students.  Every week a different activity.  Cooking, Playing, Coding, Karaoke.  Check it out!

MOMS and BABIES (0-3 yrs)
MOM & BABY SURVIVAL ITALIAN - Every Tuesday from 9:30 – 10:30 am.  Meet some other moms, learn some Survival Italian in an informal setting.  Bring the Baby!
MOM & BABY PLAYDATE in English – Every Thursday from 9:30 – 11:30 am – Meet Moms.  Hang out in our baby friendly space and let the kids play together.
NATI per LEGGERE Bilingual Storytime Reading for ages 0-3 years with Moms or Caregivers.  Thursday, February 18th, 10 am.  Give your baby a head start on life.  Read together!  It’s good for your baby and for good for you.  Monthly appointment.
MAKER CREATOR SPACE – Every Thursday from 10-12.  Use our sewing machines, knit or sew in company.  We’re working on a logo. 
A Sailor of Austria by  John Biggins.  Send us an email for details.  aia.fvg@gmail.com

Feb. 16th - 10-12 - COFFEE BREAK –Take a pause, enjoy some English conversation and a cup of coffee.
Feb. 23rd – 10 -11 am - SHORT STORY CLUB - Passages in the Life of a Slave Woman by Annie Parker, 1853.  
SURVIVAL ITALIAN Conversation for Adults – Informal conversation in Italian for Italian language learners.  No homework, no stress.

An English teacher network managed by English teachers.  Contact us via email for the next meeting date and time. 

March - SUSTENANCE: CHICAGO and the FOOD CHAINThe realities of food access in Chicago through the eyes of children at home, school, and in their communities.
April - LE VIE delle FOTO – AIA FVG High School Students are preparing a photographic exhibit in collaboration with a High School in Pennsylvania.

AMERICAN CORNER TRIESTE – Programs, consultation of the library, public internet access computers, and Wi-Fi are always free and open to the public.  A great place to study, meet friends, bring your kids.  The US Department of State has granted us a Gold Standard rating in terms of programs, facilities, services! In addition to our regular library, we also feature an Education Advising Section, Children’s Corner Library and Women’s Space.  Consult our on line catalog of Books and DVD’s


Remember that we are a volunteer organization.  We are looking for people to work in the afternoons at the Front Desk, manage library checkouts, help at the cinema, manage our morning programs, help with seasonal events, mentor teens and a variety of other roles.  Contact us!  We’ll keep you busy!

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