Sunday, March 16, 2014

What a Week!

Here is our busy schedule for this week:

Tuesday, March 18th - 6 pm.  Women's Space - Launch of Book Drive with US Consul General Kyle Scott

Thursday, March 20th , 10 am - Welcome Home Stranger - Sooth, Share, Celebrate - Anti- Stress and Relaxation in English

Thursday, March 20th - 2,4,6:30 9 pm - Blue Jasmine film in Original Version at Cinema dei Fabbri for the American Film Series

Friday, March 21st - 6 pm - Friday American Experience - St. Patricks Day in America

Friday, March 21st - 7-9 pm - TGIF - American Comfort Food  from Trattoria Via Timeus - Kentucky Style Fried Chicken, Vegetarian Macarooni and Cheese, Caesar Salad.  Members only.  € 7 prepaid reservation required. 

Saturday, March 22nd - 10:30 - Saturday Storytime - Zog

Whew!  I'm already exhausted!

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