Friday, September 24, 2010

We are FEELING THE LOVE this week

Special thank you for being so nice to us this week: Federica G (who is helping us find our way out of the swamp legally and with lots of great fundraising ideas), Simonetta and Franco (who have volunteered to volunteer), San Giovanni in Rome (for helping us with our Amazon wish list and making it feel like Christmas every day), Davide P (for volunteering to help me with the accounting so that we can eventually grow and become great again, and so I can have a baby), Synergica (for using our Aula Magna for their classes), our front desk volunteers, Valentina, Roberta, Raquel, Leo and Denise (for being flexible, being nice to people, giving out the information and getting things done faster than I ever could), the nice people who have come in to renew their tessere (we love you), our new friends who are coming in to inquire about classes (we're so happy you found us), Luisella (for buying an Association bookbag and supporting the Association)... and anyone else who was nice to us this week that I forgot.

Thank you!

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